NFC Implant Removal

I have had implants for a few years now and this is the first time I have to have one removed. You can find some good information and advice out there on how to remove a chip, but I am still a bit apprehensive since we have never tried this before.

Since I live in Wisconsin I have an issue locating a professional to help with the implantation or removal of an implant. To-date I have had two of my implants put in by a friend of mine. This same friend will be helping to take it out.

We will be taking it out tonight after work and we do plan to film the removal. I will be making a post of how it goes with pictures.

I am also working on another post that talks about the implant and the work in trying to figure out what went wrong. To be clear, it is not infected or any medical need to take it out. The implant simply does not work as expected.

The NFC chip has a 2k memory space for user data. After implanting I was experimenting with uploading data such as URLs and a vCard to the chip. After I was able to get the chip to read/write successfully I attempted to write 1.8k to the card (several hundred bytes short of the maximum.) I received a write error and ever since that attempt I am unable to write over 140 bytes to the chip.

I am working with the seller to figure out the issue. We tried many things with different apps to try and reset the chip. Our last effort is to have the chip removed so that we can examine it more closely and perform more troubleshooting.

I hope to have an update tomorrow on how the removal went.

– Michael