NFC Implant Removal – Update #1

The first attempt at removing the implant did not go as planed. Using our prep kit we sat down and started getting to work.
Prep kit
We shaved my hand, cleaned it with using iodine and got to cutting.

Since the chip was in the side of my hand it was difficult to feel. The implant site was still visible, so we took an educated guess on the location of the chip.
Injection Site
My friend Adam wielding the scalpel took a few cuts at my hand and we were in.

After a while of feeling my hand and around the inside with tweezers were no closer to locating the chip. I know the chip is there because I can scan it with my phone. After a bit longer we gave up. My friend Adam was starting to worry about the time the wound was open.

So I plan to let my hand heal for a bit and try to figure out the chips true location.
I am not sure how to do that yet but that is part of the game, learning, and research.

– Michael