Innovations and the Future

Hello, and thank you for visiting this section of my site. If you are new to my site, allow me to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Michael Vieau, and I am currently working towards my doctorate in cybersecurity at Colorado Technical University (CTU). My day job is a penetration tester, and I work part-time as an adjunct professor at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). I am pursuing my doctorate so that I can one day take up a fulltime professor position, along with performing researching in the cybersecurity field as it relates to non-medial implantable technology.

I was asked to create a blog that is related to a class that I am taking at CTU. The overall theme of my site is a place for me to write about the various things that I find interesting and thought someone else might enjoy learning about too. I do not pretend to know everything, and I believe we learn best through failing and trying again. This is why I try to add information to my site even when I have failed at a task to help show the process I went through. In keeping with the theme of this site, this section will contain information related to the class I am currently in, which is entitled: Futuring and Innovation (CS875).

So far, the class has given me an opportunity to explore ideas related to how we will use and work with technology in the future. Given my research interest in non-medial implantable technology, I hope to learn a great deal from this class and work towards making implantable technology the new normal. Overall, I can see this particular class helping me refine my research ideas so that I will be able to contribute to this new frontier of human augmentation with technology.

If you look back at my posts on this site, you will surely notice they are not very consistent. That inconsistency is the main reason I decided to create my class blog on this site. I am hopeful that I will get into a ‘groove’ of writing and adding content to this site since I will be required to complete regular posts for my assignments. Once I can find my writing groove, I hope to continue regular contributions to my site.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience of this class with you. Until next time.

  • Michael