Adding Images to a CTU Post

I wanted to make a quick post for anyone attending Colorado Technical University (CTU) that would like to know the “trick” to add images directly into your discussion board posts. I use the word “trick” lightly since it is really just editing a bit of HTML code. It should be noted that this will require you to host your image someplace online so you can reference the image from your post. In my case, I just host the images on my site, but really any Internet-accessible repository will due.

The following steps may help other people at various universities, but I can only say that I have tested it successfully at CTU.

Step 1. Write your post
Write your discussion board posts as normal and past the text into the online form. After the text is posted, I like to enter in a keyword that I can quickly identify within the HTML code, such as IMAGEHERE.

Step 2. Edit the HTML
Next, find the button along the toolbar that looks like a less than symbol, a forward slash, and a greater than symbol. This button allows you to edit the HTML code of your post. Once you are editing the HTML, find the keyword you placed in your post.

Step 3. Add the Image Tag
Now, you will want to replace your keyword with the image tag in the HTML. You can get away with just using the src attribute within the image tag to directly load the image. If you feel like being more creative, I would recommend you check out W3Schools for HTML examples (

Step 4. View your Image
Finally, click on the </> button again to go back to the standard editing mode. In normal mode, you will be able to view your image before you submit your post. You can go back into the HTML editor and tweak anything you would like before you post to the discussion board. If you are a CTU student, you most likely already know that once you post, you cannot edit it. So I highly recommend you check the image prior to posting.

That’s it! You have successfully edited the HTML code of your discussion board post to display the image inline. I hope this helps!

– Michael